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George Bolster + David Sylvian / Karen Donnellan + Alma Kelliher / Clare Langan + Irene and Linda Buckley / + Jóhann Jóhannsson / John Lee + Petter Berndalen / Alice Maher + Trevor Knight / Séamus Murphy + PJ Harvey / Rory Tangney + Colm O’Hara

MUSIC +MAKER seeks to travel a particular path of selected contemporary collaborations that have seen artists and musicians/composers come together in diverse ways. 

Complementary disciplines that enable the creation of new forms of knowledge ultimately assist us in understanding more about the world around us, and ourselves.  It is natural then, given their innate sympatico, that many collaborations and joint projects in which the visual and sound combine to form a coherent whole, have evolved from partnerships between artists and musicians.  MUSIC +MAKER here speaks both of collaboration and relationships that are sometimes ephemeral, sometimes augmented over years, but ultimately are created with a sincere poetic grace and mutual understanding.

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