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A Day in the Death of Francis Ledwidge

I'm alive and dead, a voice in your head

Francis Ledwidge, soldier and poet, bridges a century and more, to speak to us in his own words of his two great loves; the local landscape of Slane and Ellie Vaughey. Blown to pieces in1917, his unique voice remains suspended forever in time, in its first flowering. He was only 29 and destined, in the opinion of Lord Dunsany, to be the poet of the age.

In his middle twenties he took to dressing like a poet; white poplin shirt, a flowing black silk bow, rimless glasses; and he grew his hair long. But he was no dandy, defending the honour of Slane's Gaelic football team with his fists, on the streets of Navan. He was a good soldier, and dressed like one, wearing his uniform with the same meticulous attention to detail.

Watch and listen as he unravels his past and tries to imagine a future that will never be, as he stands on the cusp of eternity. 

You will never get closer to Francis Ledwidge.

A new play written and directed by Richard Ball. Supported by Solstice Arts Centre.

Tickets: €16

Limited capacity due to Social Distancing. Seats must be booked in advance - no door sales. Only seats available on the seating map can be occupied - no changing or moving seats in the auditorium is permitted. 

Select seats on the seating map according to your party size (ie it is not possible to book one single seat where two seats beside each other are available). For groups of larger than four or wheelchair bookings please contact Box Office on 046 909 2300. Due to group booking prices on the website may appear inflated (booking two seats may appear that each seat is €32 - please ignore this and continue with your booking, you will only be charged €16 per seat (plus booking fee).

Rescheduled from 17 July to Friday 2 & Saturday 3 October 2020, 8:00pm.

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