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For: Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 (younger & older welcome!)

‘Joy loves running, spinning and flying in nature. Sky loves reading, singing and gaming indoors.’

A highly imaginative and abstract piece, AdoleTa! portrays a day in the life of two friends. Come with Joy and Sky into a world where everything is possible – a tent can be a crab, an umbrella can be a cloud and the moon can sing! AdoleTa! is a co-production with Solstice and Culture Ireland.

What does AdoleTa! mean? Adoleta from the French audouillette also called adoletá or adotecá  (in Portugal, Um-Do-Li-Tá), is a Brazilian hand clapping game for children, where participants clap hands with each other in a circle and a song.

Choreography & Concept: Selma Daniel Dancers: Ellie Marsh & Mirela Romano Composer / Performer: Patrick Stefan Visual Consultant: Sabine Dargent Costume Designer: Sabine Dargent Lighting Design: Sebastian PizarroDramaturg: Raymond Keane

In partnership with Solstice Arts Centre

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