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Essence of the Earth - Colour Making from the Landscape at Dowth

Date/Time: Tue 19 Jul, 10:30am - 4pm 

Price: €60 

Age Group: Adults 

Learn how to harness colour from the landscape with artist and pigment forager Kari Cahill. Meeting at Devenish at Dowth, explore the colours, botanies and earth pigments available around the 18th-century Dowth Hall, the archaeological excavation and lush landscape surrounding the site. 

Following a picnic lunch, Kari will guide you on an exploration of natural colour, creating a spectrum of hues - from yellow and green botanical ink to bright turquoise copper and ochres found in earth pigments within the environment. This workshop will show you the basic methods and tools you need to create bio colour with natural and industrial materials. As well as having the opportunity to grind, mull and use earth pigment, the workshop will demonstrate: easy to find tools and materials required for natural colour making, identifying plants, best practices for foraging, and working with the seasons, step by step guide to 3 colour making processes - grinding, soaking and boiling, introduction to modifiers - tweaking PH levels, adding oxides and lightfastness of colour, using binders and preservatives, tracking your recipes and experiments, colour history and resources worth exploring, site-responsive art and working with the land to create work. 

Each participant will be given a worksheet to take home to support their bio colour experiments. No tools or previous experience required. 
Picnic lunch and refreshments included and provided by Solstice Café. 

Kari Cahill is a site-responsive artist based out of The Model, Sligo, on the North-west Coast of Ireland. Her practice responds to her surroundings, and her approach to investigating ‘site’ can take the form of two or three-dimensional artworks, as well as large-scale collaborative projects. Landscape plays a vital role in Kari’s practice; she creates pigment, paint, and ink from materials foraged from her environments, she responds to the landscape through drawing, paintings, and sculpture, and allows the elemental forces at play in the natural landscape to interact with her work. With special thanks to Helen Stanton and all at the Devenish Lands at Dowth.

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