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Visual Arts

Zoom Zoo Workshop

Age 8 - 12. Online Arts and Storytelling workshop with artist, performer, storyteller, poet, art teacher and general maker of things Paul Timoney presents the ZOOM ZOO WORKSHOP.

This workshop will be a mixture of creating, imagination and fun.

Push your imagination to the limit as you help Foot Face and Missus Hippo House Daisy Eyes to create alien animals…and then join them on a super strange interstellar Space Safari. Using an array of materials from your kitchen this interactive on-line Arts and Storytelling workshop is facilitated by Solstice with artist and performer Paul Timoney.

You will need: access to the web-based video conferencing tool Zoom, an empty cereal box and a stick (a wooden skewer with the sharp bit snipped off would be ideal but anything will do), cello tape, markers, crayons and other things to colour with… and if you want to be very fancy – googly eyes and glue and stickers and anything else you like.

Wed 22 July, 2pm - 3pm
Tickets: €5
Age Suitability: 8-12 Years
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