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Images: (L) Communion of subjects, Aideen Broccardo, Unfired clay, 10cm x 5cm x 1cm / (R) 12 Light bulbs, Irena Smyth, Plaster, 7.5cm x h 17cm x variable

Aideen Broccardo & Irena Smyth

Sat 20 Jan – Sat 16 Mar 

Café Wall |  All are welcome, no booking required 

Aideen Broccardo is a recent graduate of Fine Art from TU Dublin’s School of Art and Design.

Taken from a body of work entitled Grammar of loss, these artworks are informed by an awareness of the removal of terms that relate to the natural world from contemporary dictionaries. Working primarily with sculptural and lens-based methods to explore the increasing absence of the natural world in anthropocentric thinking, Broccardo considers the processes of life, decay and loss in response to this absence evidenced in language. Finding inherent value in all of nature, she uses clay and porcelain in an eco-centric approach to explore this lost language, renewing its value as tangible things, which occupy artistic space.


Irena Smyth is a recent graduate of Fine Art from TU Dublin’s School of Art and Design.

Exploring the tension between hand-made and machine-made objects, Smyth uses specific mould making and image transference techniques.

Exhibiting at Solstice from a body of work entitled Plasticity//Facsimile, these objects are handmade moulds or replications of existing industrial objects. Recreated using glazed ceramics, natural wax, plaster, jesmonite, Sellotape and display mechanisms, Smyth’s artistic interventions consider the relationship between prefabricated industrial objects and human replications of these objects, while using specific display mechanisms to explore the objects inherent and latent properties. Combining materials to form sculptural assemblages, a dialogue is created between material and form, object and object, the space and the viewer.

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