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Visual Arts

Veiled and Decorated

Eileen O'Sullivan

Solstice Foyer | Monday 10th May – Friday 18th June

Familiar motifs interest me as relics of experiences; for example, the motif of the curtain insinuates the privacy of a home, the publicity of the stage and the deceptive nature of painting and photography.

Presenting new artworks made in 2020 and 2021, Meath artist Eileen O’Sullivan takes inspiration from the seemingly mundane to explore the language of painting and the opportunity to create atmosphere through block colours and a saturated colour palette. Using both gestural marks and carefully built-up layers of paint, O’Sullivan invites you to consider the illusions of space, human presence and human experience embedded in these paintings.

 Eileen O’Sullivan graduated from the National College of Art & Design in 2015 having spent a semester at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium in 2014. She is currently working from a studio in Dublin while participating in the Turps Banana Correspondence Mentorship Course, London.

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Curtain 2021      Acrylic on cotton canvas, metal poles 200 x 400cm      

Return to the first layer        2020   Oil on canvas 150cm x 150cm          


Veiled and decorated 2020      Oil on canvas 60 x 80cm