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Xenia Pestova Bennett & Ed Bennett live at Solstice

Microtonal recordings of frozen waterfalls, truffle mycelia, fruiting trees in Umbria, ephemeral spring wildflowers in Canada: join us on a journey across a rich tapestry of music for piano and electronics by Ed Bennett, Alvin Lucier and Gayle Young. 

Lucier’s classic “Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators” will 'tune' our ears, teaching us to discern minute variations of microtonal beating as we liberate the piano from familiar restrictions of equal temperament. Bennett’s premieres of a set of striking miniatures will explore spectral relationships and establish a lively and striking dialogue between the piano and electronic sound, while Young’s poetic musings on environmental themes will soothe and provoke, massaging our ears and waking up multi-sensory associations.

This bespoke, curated sound performance is associated with the visual art exhibition 'I am Sitting in a Room'. 

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