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A-do-le-TA! Digital

A-do-le-TA! is a highly imaginative piece showing a day in the life of two friends. Joy and Sky are in a world where everything is possible – a tent can be a crab, an umbrella can be a cloud and the moon can sing! Through play, two friends overcome differences and together imagine, create and expand their reality and yours.
The performance is based on the importance of play, especially free play during early childhood. It explores the fine line between the contemporary life, where electronic play has a huge role, and the natural instinctive play deep-rooted in human nature. Although digital media and technology have benefits, excessive use of electronic media can have a negative impact on wellbeing and mental health.

Enjoy a screening of the show AdoleTA! in your classroom or theatre and continue the fun with our colourful and interactive AdoleTA! Play Packs. Each child will receive their own Play Pack to make their toothbrush fly, see the world in different colours, create shadow dancers, sing like Joy and Sky, but most of all have fun making and moving together.
Remember some activities can also be done at home to continue the fun with family too!

Information for teachers/theatres/festivals:
Within the Play Pack, there is a link to a short video to watch after the show, where artist Selma Daniel demonstrates some of the fun activities for you to do. The activities include cutting out, sticking, movement and slow dance, all encouraging children to use their fine and gross motor skills.

In addition to this Play Pack each child will need:
- colouring pencils or crayons
- scissors
- glue stick
- sticky tape
 - a cosy blanket and a torch for shadow dancers (optional family activity at home)

Video Duration: 45 mins
Access: Good internet access is required.

For bookings, further information and pricing contact Erin: 


Rescheduled Events

Original tickets will remain valid for new dates for all events


New Dates Confirmed:


Farmer Michael & Kathleen - LIVE

Saturday 13 February 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Friday 20 March 2020, Initially rescheduled to Saturday 27 June 2020)

CANCELLED - Contact Box Office to arrange refunds.


The Star of Chester’s Lane

Friday 26 February 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Saturday 28 March 2020)



THE BEST OF BOND in Concert 

Wednesday 7 April 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Wednesday 15 April 2020, initially rescheduled Thursday 3 September 2020)



Mary Black

Thursday 13 May 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Friday 13 March 2020, Initially rescheduled to 16 July 2020 )



Paul Brady

Fri 14 May 2021, 8.00 p.m. (Original date Saturday 4 April 2020, Initially rescheduled to Saturday 10 October 2020)



Mary Black

Thursday 20 May 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Thursday 15 October 2020)



Dirtbirds #NoFilters

Friday 11 & Saturday 12 June 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Friday 25 & Saturday 26 September 2020)



3 Hail Mary's

Friday 24 & Saturday 25 September 2021, 8:00pm (Original dates 29 & 30 May 2020, Initially rescheduled to 10 & 11 September 2020, then 22 & 23 January 2021)



An Evening with Michael Harding

Thurs 7 October 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Friday 9 October 2020) 



Callan’s Kicks Live

Saturday 9 October 2021, 8:00pm (Original date Sun 17 May 2020, Initially rescheduled to Saturday 17 October 2020)



Postponed Events, new dates to be arranged: 

True Reflections of Love and Hope - Virginia Gospel Choir 

To be confirmed (Original date Sat 21 March 2020, Initially rescheduled Friday 13 November 2020) 


Scór Sinsir Laighean

To be confirmed (Original date Sunday 22 March 2020, 2:00pm)

Neil Delamere: End of Watch

To be confirmed  (Original date Friday 27 March 2020, Initially rescheduled to Thursday 15 October 2020)


Halcyon Days by Deirdre Kinahan

To be confirmed (Original date Wednesday 1 April 2020, Initially rescheduled to Saturday 12 September 2020)

Cancelled Events:

Overblown: Flowers in Contemporary Art Exhibition

(Sat 4 April - Fri 12 June 2020)


9 to 5 The Musical by St. Mary's Musical Society

Original dates Wednesday 29 April - Saturday 2 May 2020

Box Office have been in touch to arrange. Credit card payments automatically refunded. If you haven't heard from us yet, please call 046 9092300

The Man in Black

Fri 16 October 2020, 8.00 p.m.

Box Office have been in touch to arrange. Credit card payments automatically refunded. If you haven't heard from us yet, please call 046 9092300


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In response to the current Public Health advice relating to Covid-19 you will notice the following measures:

  • We have placed Hand Sanitiser dispensers throughout the building.
  • We have increased the number of times our bathrooms are checked and cleaned daily.
  • We have increased the number of times our handrails, counters, doorplates and touch points are cleaned daily.
  • Our staff will follow guidelines relating to hand hygiene and cough etiquette rigorously.
  • Any of our staff who handle money will immediately sanitize their hands afterwards.
  • Keypads on Credit Card Machines will be cleaned after each use.
  • All café tables will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each customer.
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Visitors to Solstice must observe the following

  • Please do not visit Solstice Arts Centre if you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past fourteen days including – cough, shortness of breath, temperature over 38°.
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Please also note

  • Staff will be wearing masks.
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  • There will be fewer people than usual in the gallery and the auditorium and a lot of empty seats.

Your assistance and support is appreciated and we look forward to welcoming you back to Solstice.
Together is our favourite place to be! 

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