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Workshop Outcomes

Sparked by Elaine Hoey's exhibition Mimesis which explored new digital forms of art, this 4-day DigiCreative workshop in October 2021 with Createschool allowed our young participants to discover some amazing creative possibilities using modern technology. Createschool presented a multi-discipline arts and crafts programme using hands-on making and storytelling combined with mobile digital technology. Over four mornings online, everyone learned how to manipulate sound, make a video and produce their own moving artwork with stop-motion animation.

Like all Solstice and Createschool programmes, there was a strong emphasis on collaboration, critical thinking, enjoyment and of course creativity! Realising their ideas, sharing stories and gaining lots of new skills, take a look at the video above to see just some of the creative work from this mid-term camp.

This workshop was kindly funded by Creative Ireland.

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