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Phil Coulter: Legacy

"I don't let the old man in" explains Phil Coulter quoting his hero Clint Eastwood on how, at 82, he's keeping his pedal to the metal with a brand new Autumn tour.

Commentators who thought that a sell out run of shows celebrating his 80th year was a kind of grand finale certainly underestimated the man, his boundless energy and his incredible staying power. It turns out that there's a legion of loyal Phil Coulter fans who can't get enough of the affable Derryman. They wanted to hear more of his music, his classic songs and his everchanging store of music biz stories. And what a store that is.

In the brand new show Legacy he takes a fresh look back into 60 years at the top of his game - so much music, so many songs, so many new stories, distilled into two hours of vintage gold.

Bringing their own special magic to the proceeding are his special guests George Hutton and Geraldine Branagan, proven favourites with Phil's fans.

All in all a show not to be missed.
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